Sunday, March 20

Enjoy today

Lots to enjoy today! 
Thanks to spring sunshine. 
Oh how I have been patiently waiting for you first day of spring.

Small boys running behind weathered push toys thru the yard
Wishing my sister Tami Happy Birthday!
Church service with my family
Chicken salad sandwiches for lunch
New parent reception at Down syndrome outreach, can't wait to hold me some babies!
Starting a new quilt for a very late wedding present for my nephew and his sweet bride
Sketching out our vegetable garden and planning who is going where, eggplant and melons too this year
Remembering watching Narnia last night, curled up with my teens while all their friends were at prom
Sunshine creeping across hardwood floors
Laundry steadily transformed from crumpled floor messes to hangers and stacks in each persons basket
Hot coffee with vanilla creamer
Two boxer doggies wagging their nibblet tail stubbies in excitement at running outside without rain
Plans for soft tacos for dinner and winding down before the chaos of the week begins... again.

Enjoy today!

Tommy Adventures