Saturday, March 12

Nate's 16th birthday

Nate turned 16 this month!  There is only a year between him and Hannah.  We celebrated at a pizza place with 18 of our big ol extended family.  Way fun!
Nate is my mellow kid, although he is really coming out of his shell this year, very sweet, smart, loves playing bass guitar, really enjoys music (favorite right now are the knowmads), helps me with small kids and chores, longboards, likes the outdoors and is trying relaly hard to grow into a young adult. 

And Gabe, my nephew, turned 10!  He is an amazing boy who is athletically talented, a good younger and bigger brother (he is second oldest in a family of four), great at board games (I think the one he beat me at was flicker football very fun), loves animals and is a super sweet cousin to my four kids.  I have really enjoyed watching him growing up into an older kid now.

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