Wednesday, November 28

Big "roars"

I have been finding my "voice" lately. Sometimes I try really hard to talk and it comes out very loud and surprises mom and dad. Seriously, I yell sometimes. This week at playgroup we were singing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" and the teacher was showing us a lion and "roaring" like a lion... so I dug down deep inside my throat and tried for that roaring sound too... ROOOOAAAARR! Right along with everyone else singing. Mommy was so happy.

Playgroup was also fun because mommy sat me right in the middle of a bin of dry oatmeal. Lots and lots of dry oatmeal. Enough for me to dig shovels into, fill a bucket, dump on mommy's clothes and eat!

And speaking of eating.... snack was mashed potatoes and gravy. Two bowls were my snack. Mmmmm. I am so glad I wasn't sick anymore so I could go to playgroup this week!

Today is Wednesday and Daddy is taking me to feeding therapy at Connections. We will post more later on my new zvibe which is a cat/mouse and my chewy surgical tubing.

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