Monday, November 12

I love you!

Mommy told me she loved me this morning with barium speckles still on my face after the swallow study. It went well and we were successful with nectar 'plus

Mommy told Hannah she loved her. My big sister's eyes were welled up with tears about a disappointment and my mommy hugged her and said how much she loved her.

Mommy told grandpa Bill she loved him. Grandma Sue and Grandpa Bill celebrated their 40th anniversary.

Mommy told her mother in-law (grandma Dorothy) and her mom (grandma Sue) she loved them. Unless it's a surgery or a holiday we don't get to see our grandma's together and it was a treat!

Mommy told Pam F she loved her. She loves Pam and Gary, Jay, Stephanie, Jordan and most importantly Chelsey Ebert. We love them. She prays for peace in these final months together as Chelsey has fought an amazing battle with Osteo Sarcoma. We love Chelsey!

Mommy told Nate she loved him today. See, he didn't shower..... nor brush his teeth today. Mommy hugged that stinky 12 year old boy and just loves him.

Mommy would have told Daddy she loved him, but after the big windstorm, daddy is still repairing downed lines.

Mommy told Liam she loved him as he *finally* fell asleep at 9:30pm. His eyes as dark as black ink.

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