Saturday, November 24


This has been an entire week of babies at home sick. Today is the eigth day. I read a quote that said it's easy to praise God for the roses but much harder to praise him for the thorns (and if you do the math, there are alot more thorns). So, here are my praises to Him for this week's experience: thank you for baby vapor bath, and while we are talking about baths.... thank you that Tommy can still be bathed in an infant bath along side Liam (it helps his floppy'ness'), thank you for infant tylenol, infant advil, and the ability to develop a spreadsheet to track when each baby should be given which one (we rotate advil and tylenol, never given together, but it seems to help this week), thank you for the peacefulness of two sleeping babies so I could get a HUGE plate at Thanksgiving dinner, thank you for dishwashers with an option of sterlilize for baby bottles, thank you for barf bowls (yes, Hannah was sick this week too), and carpet steamcleaners, thank you for disposable diapers (I haveNEVER seen a virus with this much poopy), thank you for coffee which is the absolute only thing keeping me upright, thank you for baby monitors because it amplifies twins crying in the night to the point that everyone in the house suddenly wakes up and asks if you can quiet them to sleep, thank you for the swiffer mop (this virus makes Liam spit up and the kitchen floor is his favorite marking spot), lots of thankfulness for pedialyte, thank you for the ability to place the babies in a jogging stroller and get out of the house each day...... thank you for Colin, Hannah, Nate, Tommy and Liam; they are my roses.

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