Thursday, November 8

Keeping up with Tommy

The week started off with developmental play group on Monday. Lots of songs during circle time, including one that asked "what do you say in the morning?". Mommy said I say "mamamamama" and as soon as all the nice people sang that.... my face was soooo happy. They were singing my favorite tune! I played with scratchy things like a loofa sponge. I didn't mind it until mommy rubbed it on my arm, no thanks mom! During snacktime I ate two bowls of mandarin oranges. Liam sat next to me and he ate lots too. Then H. let us play with whipping cream, oh my that was fun in my mouth, on my brother, on my mom..... hey mom let's do that again at home.
Tuesday was occupational therapy where I showed off my sitting for a few minutes. Mommy was excited, I was excited and E our therpaist was really into it too. So she had me sit on a ball to strengthen the muscles in my lower back and hip so I can learn to go from a sitting position to a side lying or onto my belly. Nate and Hannah came to watch.

Wednesday was feeding therapy w/ M. at Connections. She helped mommy prepare for our swallow study coming up on Monday. And she gave me a tube (skinny and long but thicker around than my old ng tube) to bite and suck on. Oh boy, that reminded me of holding my ng tube and I loved it. M. put purees on it and I sucked them clean! And I swung that tube high and low.

Today is an 'at home day' as I have a fever and so does Liam. The virus finally made it's way to our house. Mommy put a pot of coffee on and has no expectations to do anything else but cuddle us (and get this post done). Here are two sleepy babies after an appt this week.

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