Sunday, November 18

Pumpkin pie

Today started off with a walk. I said good bye to my daddy (who went to the Seahawks game)and hello to my stroller! And mommy was really happy when she got to walk with neighbors Nora and Kim and talk like an adult for awhile. The sunrise was earlier in the week. You can see Mt Baker to the left.

Then we were off to Aunt Debbie's house to visit. I spit up on her carpet (mom I told you I couldn't drink that much!). Auntie got to change one of my worse diapers, oops. We got to take home some fun toys from my cousins (they were outgrown but look like a lot of fun!).

Last stop was the grocery store to pick up pumpkin pie ingredients. I love pumpkin pie. Mom is making 4 of them to take to Thanksgiving. She won't make them until Wednesday but we stopped and picked up the stuff.....mmmmm I can't wait. Hannah took a picture of us.
I wasn't happy because I got the cart seat and brother had the fun spot.

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