Thursday, November 1


I wanted to tell you about my Halloween, so mommy is going to try to type the story as I coo about it. First, mommy went to work today so Liam and I went to Promise to be with our friends

(we love it there). Then when mommy came to pick us up she said something about trick or treating downtown Bellingham. No rain, no wind, mommy was getting us out for some fresh air! We visited her friends at her old job; Linda and Cindy were glad to see us! Then we visited her friends at her job at the Health Dept, they loved seeing us too! On the way back to the van, my younger brother fell asleep in the stroller.... I didn't miss a thing though, lots of kids were everywhere downtown and can I tell you how much I love 'light sabers' now?

When we got home mommy let me and Liam play with some toys while she did that boring chore of folding laundry. Then.... a knock at our door! Since we live out in the county mommy doesn't get many drop by visitors so she is always kinda leary.... it was our neighbors the Weisenhorns dressed up as mobsters. "fresh from a heist". I loved their mommy's outfit because she had long eyelashes! The W family made our evening.

Daddy and mommy let us eat cupcakes after dinner. Then mommy showed us these weird pumpkin things and wanted us to put our nice dry hands into the cold messy insides of them. Excuse me, no thank you!

What in the world is that?

Liam and I had a great Halloween!

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