Saturday, December 29

Chelsey Ebert

I wanted to tell you about my friend Chelsey Ebert.

She passed away on Wednesday after a nine month courageous battle with cancer. Although I have only know Chelsey since she had the cancer, we shared visits at Children's Hospital and I will always remember sitting in her bed or on her lap in her wheelchair, staring at her smile, her sparkling eyes, her sweet voice and most of all being surrounded by her faith in God and strength.

God has placed her and her family in our path many times. We could feel her strength present rooms and floors away from where she was from us. She is one of God's saints and he has called her home. The opportunity to know Chelsey Ebert will stay with our family forever. You don't meet many angels!

Here is something from today's Bellingham Herald:

Please pray for peace for her family.

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