Wednesday, December 19

Helpful hints

With both of the boys sick, here are some helpful hints from our day:
*When a baby is vomitting don't move throughout the house in search of where you left the washrag for his face. This only makes the mess bigger. Much bigger. Especially involving the staircase (which is horrible to steam clean).
*Do not call the medical insurance company asking about durable equipment benefits with both babies sick, even if you think they both just went asleep for a nap. It never fails after waiting onhold for 30 mins and finally getting a rep that knows something about our plan and our situation.... both babies wake up screaming upset.
*Don't switch from Pedialyte back to milk. Even if they look like they are feeling better, they are just acting. Spoiled milk from a sick baby is the worst smell.
*Yes, put on that third pot of coffee, it's the best decision you have made all day.
*Liquid tide, plus "color safe" clorox, plus downy is too much in an HE washing machine. After three rinses I still can't get that load desuds.
*No matter what toys you play with or books that are read, the best thing on a sickday is a bunch of pillows and a snuggly mommy (and a signing time video).

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