Tuesday, December 18

No sniffles for me!

Brother Liam is really sick with a head cold. Mommy was home yesterday with us, now Daddy is home today with us and it's looking like Liam might still be sick tomorrow.

Daddy took us to our one year doctor appointment today. Since Liam was sick he didn't get any vaccinations. No such luck for me though. And did I tell you how many shots you get at your one year check up? I ran out of leg room for all the shots. Including my second flu shot!

Mommy took my food diary to the nutritionist today and learned we are shy on iron rich foods. So I ate lentils tonight! And baked halibut. She is going to post more on that another day though. The nutritionist and mommy were happy that I weigh 20 pounds and 2 oz!

Here are some pictures of me, Liam is so sniffly you wouldn't want to see him today :)

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