Friday, December 7

Rocking chair blues

Monday was my only 'good' day this week. At playgroup I visited with my friends and ate a frozen lemonade bar, brrr! But starting Tuesday I wasn't feeling very well. My tummy hurts. I vomitted all day on Wednesday. Yesterday was a follow up Cardiology Appt at Children's Hospital. Daddy took Liam and I to that appointment and I tried *really* hard to have fun. Dad said I started looking better. But no such luck. Today I spit up blood and it was back to the doctor again. Turns out it might just be that I have irritated my throat. I feel better this afternoon, but maybe it's because I can just stare at mommy (and laugh with her silliness). I'll let you know more tomorrow how I feel. For now, mommy will keep on rocking me!

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