Saturday, December 29

Saturday update

Still here at the hospital. Mommy is 'wired' now, thanks to aunt Shawnee's laptop! So updates may happen more quickly. My oxygen sats are still low on room air so back on the 2/10 of a liter of oxygen support. I woke up at 4:30am and peeked through my crib rails to see mommy snoozing on the sofa next to me.... coo, coo I said, come on mommy let's play!

And the playing didn't stop until 12:30 in the afternoon. Aunt Shawnee came and read books and played with me while mommy ran into work for an hour (and grabbed a mocha, geez that felt good). Now I'm sleeping and respitory care will be back around 2pm to help clear up the junk in my lungs.

Thanks to my friend Kaden's momma for stopping by with a 'hello'! Thanks to all the prayers and get well wishes from everyone of our blogging friends. Thanks to Aunt Debbie, Grandma Sue, Aunt Tami and Grandma Dorothy for their helping hands. And a big thank you to Daddy for holding down everything while we are in the hospital.

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