Monday, December 10

Weekend full of Christmas Parties

Mommy and Nate enjoyed a VERY fun 4H Christmas party on Friday evening. They even got to see a magic show. Next year I hope to feel better and I'll go too.

Saturday all six of us went to the 'Parent to Parent' Holiday party. I was feeling alot better so I had fun! I got to see many of my friends and I got to meet a few new ones! I even played in bird seed. Plus there was this guy dressed up in a red suit and he had lots of fury-ness on his face... I LOVED HIM. I sat right on his lap while I was getting my feeding. Mom called him Santa. Liam called him scarey! He gave us board books.

Hannah and Mommy are fixing up my feeding.

Nate and Liam play with Max in the bird seed.

Hannah and Liam playing with playdough.

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