Tuesday, January 22


That's a big word for me to try to say... so I'll let mommy tell you about my transition to whole milk.

Tommy is constipated daily now that we have transitioned over to whole milk. We mixed formula and whole milk for two weeks then switched over to milk totally. He doesn't show allergy signs, but is TERRIBLY constipated. And when you have lost 5 inches of your colon like this little trooper has.... it's important to be a daily pooper!

So, with the Miralax and Senna, the daily medications tha he has been taking for the last six months, I decided (with a few questions to the nurse practicioner) to 'up' the dosage. Do you know how hard it is to get a straight answer on the Miralax dosage?

Tommy weighs 20.5 pounds now, so using a handy dandy conversion online I calculate he is 9.3 kilos. Most of the dosage answers I get on Miralax are "0.8grams for every kg" of weight. So doing the math I calculate a dose of 7.44g of Miralax a day. And with a heaping tablespoon weighing about 17 grams... Tommy's dose would be less than half of a tablespoon. I have been disolving the Miralax in water and then putting it in his Gtube and that seems to be the best method of getting it into him.

What is Miralax? It is a solution that increases the amount of water in the intestinal tract to stimulate movement. It works well with Tommy, just needed to 'up' the dosage to the maximum recommended to help him poop! More to follow, pray for poop!

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