Monday, January 14


Last night mommy and daddy went shopping at Costco. This is the second time in as many months that they have gone together. Last time, Hannah and Nate went also and the shopping event was a HUGE success with everyone finding their favorite foods and making life easier for lunch boxes and dinners.

This time was different. No big kids. Just mommy, daddy, me and Liam. Daddy had Liam strapped in a cart. Mommy chose to have me in a snuggly front pack because although I enjoy sitting, I tend to get a little 'tilted' after a while. Two carts, of course.

As the shopping event progressed, the carts became full of items from their list, which they had to stop often and 'regroup and compare' to their grocery list. BORING. Brother Liam got a little bored and found the sour cream. The BIG sour cream. **SPLAT** When mommy caught up with daddy all she could do was laugh. Sour cream all over the cement floor in an aisle.

After that spill got cleaned up, mommy seemed to have a little trouble pushing her big cart, so I decided to help her by reaching forward to grab the cart to push. Of course she had to hunch her back over so I could reach, but she understood that I wanted to help.

I grew tired of that, and I think she did too, so then I wanted to look at the wheels. I had to bend my body over the snuggly front to look way far down at the wheels. Mommy didn't share my passion to look at the wheels so she kept prying my head up while steering her OVERFLOWING cart.

Once she was prying my head up I noticed HUGE ceiling lights. Have I told you lately how much I love ceiling lights? I love ceiling lights. So I craned my neck around just right into mommy's armpit so I could look at the ceiling lights. She seemed to have trouble cornering the cart around aisles but she did fine.

Once at the checkstand mommy thought she had told the checker a few times that we needed to place the groceries back into TWO carts, as there were two adults to push them. But alas, there were three carts with groceries. So the nice checker person got to help push a cart to the truck!

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