Monday, January 21

A day at home...

... not totally by my mommy's choice. I'll let her tell the story.

I'm purse--less and van--less and therefore homebound. And I was so looking forward to feeding therapy today and developmental playgroup. Ah, God had other intentions. Let's start at the end of last night.

I attended a memorial for a family friend last night at the Seattle Aquarium. Daddy stayed home with the boys. The memorial ended around 11pm and when we reached Lynnwood/Everett area I realized I had left my purse at the aquarium. This meant no keys to the van which was parked in Bellingham. Ah. Hannah, Nate and I were driven all the way home to Ferndale by a very sweet person (thank you Robert).

This morning when I called to cancel feeding therapy, our therapist "A" gently reminded me that I have a full plate and that these things happen... and perhaps we are just meant to have some rest at home today.

It was a WONDERFUL day, homebound with all four of my kids. The sunshine was here all day, although cold. Laundry got caught up (huge miracle). Dishes were done. Conversations with Hannah and Nate were at a slower pace than our usual 'hurry up'.

....And thank you daddy for driving to Seattle today to pick up the purse!
....And blessings to the Bigler family in their time of loss, Blake was an incredible kid!

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