Tuesday, January 8

Five things you didn't know about my momma...

Reluctantly writing this because Max's mommy is making me (he has a really cool website: http://www.mightymaxupdate.blogspot.com/)

Five things you (probably) didn't know about me (Mommy):

1. I have considered, someday, fostering care or respite for children with special health care needs. Not now, not for a few years in fact. But someday I would like to give families or kids in foster care some of my extra lovin's and the specialty care I have become skilled in.

2. I have a 5,000 square foot garden. I enjoy being a farm girl. Growing vegetables (selecting my seeds now), raising dairy goats, acquiring more brown egg laying 'lady hens', and watching my kids and husband enjoy the little farm.

3. I'm going to be 40 this year. Oh my, I can't believe I just wrote that on the blog.

4. My favorite food is anchovy pizza. Gross huh? It's ok, I love it, no one else needs to.

5. My dream car is a convertible VW bug, 1968, blue (not baby blue, but true blue). Heavy sigh. I would LOVE that car.

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