Tuesday, January 22

Nutritionist visit

Among appointments last week, I saw the nutritionist. Since I have a Gtube I gotta see one of these folks. Mommy has me going to see her in Bellingham rather than traveling to Children's hospital.

I proudly gave her my week of food journaling.... and she was IMPRESSED. Whew! I have tried SO hard to be patient with mommy while she was shoving that disgusting food in my mouth. Hmmm. Actually, some of it I enjoyed. Here is a sample of two days worth:

Breakfast:1/4 bananna smashed, oatmeal w/brown sugar (nearly 1/4 cup), 1oz milk by mouth!
Lunch: Green beans with hummus and sliced deli turkey meat (heated in the microwave to eliminate listeria bugs) all ground up in the food mill
Dinner: 1/4 of a single roast chicken breast with caesar dressing (I like the spicy stuff) and 1/2 a red potato smashed.

Bfast: 1/4 cup oatmeal with cinnamon sugar, 1 oz milk thickened orally, 1/4 bananna
Lunch: 1/4 cup soup (spinach, noodles, carrots, tomato), 1/4 slice bread with butter, 3T mandarin oranges
Dinner:1/4 Thai chicken and rice (peas and carrots in there too), 1 oz grape juice thickened orally

Of course I also have almost 30 oz of milk thru my Gtube too. But all of the above is ORALLY. The feeding therapists are right, I am going to be a 100% orally fed kiddo. And I think I might like it.

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