Thursday, January 24

Like's and Dislike's

Me and mom were tagged by Braska Bear to post our like's and dislike's in a meme format. Guess who's list is who's:

I like my big family...someone always comes over to pick me up, help me stand, see if I want to snack on something, bring me a toy that I couldn't reach.... and of course a quick cuddle!
I like baby signing time videos
I like ICU nurses
I like tastes that are citrus
I like sitting in my stroller and going places to look at stuff
I don't like my screaming poopies
I don't like Liam pulling my hair or pushing me over
I don't like mommy crying or laughing loudly, I cry over both!
I don't like blood draws

Here's another list (okay, you guess'd this one is mommy's):
I like taking all four of my kids to school and therapy appts daily
I like sunrises (all windows that face east MUST be drawn open in the mornings)
I like planning my garden (ordering seeds)
I like spending time with my husband (going out to dinner, no kids)
I don't like genetic counselors (separate post to come)
I don't like people that say "Oh I'm sorry..." when they see or hear Tommy has Ds
I don't like denials from insurance companies for things Tommy needs (compounded medicines for his Gtube)
I don't like the 70% unemployment rate in the DD community

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