Tuesday, March 4

...and the bug continues....

Same bug. Different day. Daddy is sick now. Hannah is sick. And Nate is sick. And Liam decided he would have a repeat day of vomitting. The good news is, mommy is starting to feel better. And so am I. Mommy counted 20 poopy diapers yesterday between Liam and I. That is just about one per hour.

No playgroup this week, no occupational therapy, no feeding therapy..... nada. Just hoping this is over soon and we are all healthy again.

Guess what? Mommy was laying on the floor (I said she was really sick) but I wanted to get over closer to her.... so I went from my lovely steadfast sitting position (gee whiz I can sit for hours) to an all fours on the ground... and drumroll please, I crawled to her. Two or three crawls (she only had one eye open so I don't think she got the full effect). I crawled! Hooray!! I haven't done it again, she scared me with her reaction :)

Another biggie that daddy and mommy have noticed, I LOVE to clap my hands. Sometimes mommy sings silly songs and Liam will clap his hands when he is done. Seems she likes this, and she will sing more..... So I started clapping my hands at the end of songs too. And I clapped when mommy put a Signing Time video on. Yippee! I have a wonderful form of communication, I clap my hands.

Okay, mommy is going to lay down again. Whew! Keep us in your prayers for our health to return quickly.

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