Thursday, March 27

Our week in review

I wish mommy could find more time to post our updates. Here is our week in review:

Monday we enjoyed 'developmental playgroup'. Our new 9am time is wonderful and our new friends are so cool! There is another set of twins in our playgroup, GIRLS, and they are really cute! We got to play in lentils... we used shovels, our toes, and I threw the lentils in the air by the handful. We sang songs and enjoyed snack with all of our friends.

Tuesday was the first day that our new Occupational therapist came to our home for therapy. She is just as great as everyone has told us. I showed off my new skill.... CRAWLING! Yep. I crawled. And I pulled up to my knees next to the couch. Pretty cool stuff. Mommy thinks I learned to crawl just to stay away from Liam, she might be right!

Wednesday we sent big sister Hannah off to Mountain School. It's a great program located in the North Cascades (she is probably really cold right now). Hannah and her whole team of classmates went for two nights/three days to learn about sustainable communities. We are lucky that the Bellingham School District offers this enrichment activity. Brother Nate did this in 5th grade and really enjoyed it (just ask him sometime about product packaging or transportation costs of goods).

Thursday (today) we saw the nutritionist. Heavy sigh. I lost almost half a pound this month. Good grief! And mom keeps shoveling the food in me. We think that between being sick for a week (vomitting and poopies) and my new mobility of crawling.... I have lost weight. Not good. So mom is taking me back to see the nutritionist in 2 weeks and I have strict orders to EAT more. Tonight I enjoyed red potatoes, chicken, green beans and a biscuit with apricot jelly.

Tomorrow and this weekend will be spent packing. Where are we going? All six of us are heading to the sunshine of the Big Island of Hawaii. This is a trip that we never could have afforded...we were 'treated' to this wonderful vacation! We leave next Friday and mommy is just a tad bit nervous. What to pack? What to bring? We will post more later about this upcoming fiasco... I mean trip. :)

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