Sunday, March 9

Feeling better!

We have recovered. Whew! A week long stomach bug for all six of us. No fun! Mommy is going to catch up on her posting photos and such with this "menagerie" of thoughts.

First, it was Nate's birthday! He turned 13 on Saturday. We made him a birthday cake with fishies in water. It was yummy.

Nate and his cousins went to Super Saturday, which is an incredible 4H day long event where you get to attend 4 different enrichment activities. Nate learned how to tie fly's for fly-fishing, he learned how to fly fish, he made slime/gak, and took a class in computer animation.

Mommy wanted to post something 'goofy' about our weekly laundry pile but she wasn't laughing too hard thinking about it. See, laundry for six is no laughing matter. Here are the before and after pictures, yes this is one week of laundry. Each family member has a laundry basket. You must fetch your basket and unload it in your drawers.... and return the basket. Hannah and mommy get most of the folding duties; Colin and Nate have other duties like vacum/mopping, etc.

Sunday afternoon we got to go to yet another park. This time it's Pioneer Park here in our home town of Ferndale. I LOVED THE ROCKS.

Monday, mommy decided to skip developmental playgroup because Liam and I were still 'grumbly' in our tummies and we didn't want to chance getting any of the kids in our playgroup sick.

And that catches you up on us!

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