Friday, March 7

And the doctor said...

No more bugs jumping in our bellies! (to the tune of no more monkies jumping on the bed).

The nice dr said that it's a virus. No kidding. We could of told her that.

She said that switching from Pedialite to milk was too early (although it was day three when we switched, I would have thought that was time enough). So, back to Pedialite for me and Liam. She suggested a reduced fat diet which means no dairy and no fatty meats (we only eat local farm raised lean beef anyway, but okay). We had chicken noodle soup last night and I enjoyed. No vomitting yet!

We are restless though. Whiny, crying, moaning, flopping around and so mommy is stuck on the floor and she only moves when we let her! She keeps saying something about coffee and a shower, and she says we are whiny! Listen to her :)

Soon, we pray, we will be up and about again. But for another day, we are home.

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