Monday, March 24


We enjoyed our first Easter egg hunt! There were LOTS of eggs hidden. Liam even found a 'golden' egg which he turned in (with daddy's help) for Veggie Tales coloring book, yippee!

And guess what I did? Mom made me a plate of yummy food from all the potluck'd items.... and I ate the whole HEAPING plate. Let's see if mom can remember all that was on it --> I ate a fruit kabob of pineapple, grapes, cantalope, honeydew melon; and I ate a souffle of ham, eggs and cheese, and then I ate strawberries and then I ate some bread! YUMMY

Thanks Max and your mommy Amy for inviting us! We had fun.

On Easter we drove to Tacoma to visit grandma Dorothy, uncle Bruce, uncle Marty and cousins. And guess who met us there? Grandpa Bill and Grandma Sue! Liam and me were happy to spend the day with our two grandmas and our grandpa!

Mommy has two traveling highchairs now. So she lines us up, just like home and we enjoy our yummies.

Uncle Bruce and I had fun. Grandma Sue and I played with a rattle.

Thanks to everyone for a very fun Easter weekend.

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