Thursday, April 10

Captain Cook - AHOY!

What am I doing in the car when we are in Hawaii? Well, daddy wants to visit his friend Will and wife Robin in Captain Cook. So, away we go!

The airline was generous to 'lend us' a car seat. Note to all the other mommies and daddies out there, don't take the airline up on this when the carseat you packed has been lost. Just cut your losses and go purchase a new one which we did later this day. The loaner was horrible.

Will and Robin own a 3 acre farm and we had plenty of chances to relax! They have 75 avocado trees, countless macadamia nut trees, myers lemons, papaya and mango trees. And, most important they had wild turkeys! I guess these crazy birds roam the big island. Mommy laughed every time she saw one of these ugly guys running around.

I'm still sick. Mommy and daddy had to drag the nebulizer and cpt thing along to the island. Big brother Nate is now sick too. Liam and mommy have the sickness in their eyes now too (nice pink eyes). Blah!

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