Tuesday, April 1

No Fooling!

We are sick again. AGAIN! No this isn't an April Fool's day joke. This time with a chest cold. Mommy got it on Sunday, then I started coughing Monday, now today the Liam, me and mommy are staying home to recover. No developmental playgroup yesterday, no OT today, just lots of naps and juices.

We have to recover! Friday we leave for vacation. So, mommy is attacking this cold. She brought out my nebulizer! I love to suck on it and inhale the vapors. Here is a sample of my daily meds.

Here is a picture of all six of us, nothing glamorous, just lots of love and fun! Mommy had just returned from church is the only reason she resembles 'cleanness'. Thanks aunt Debbie for taking our picture!

And last but not least, mommy had to work in a picture of my current eats. All with no teeth! I ate about half of the hamburger, and everything else! Those mini tater tots go down real easy!

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