Wednesday, April 23

Cardiology follow up

Yesterday I went to see the heart doctors at Children's as a follow up to my open heart surgery last year.

While mommy and I waited for our appointment the clowns came to visit us! They were SO SILLY! I was laughing, mommy was singing their silly songs and I tried to pop all the bubbles they were blowing..... if only we could have visited the clowns and then gone home.

We had three doctors join us for the appointment because I'm so cool! I didn't really enjoy any of them though. They did an EKG and talked to mommy about continuing the heart medications. The mitral valve has a "moderate" leak. A bunch of blood goes this way and that way and gets all mixed up... it's called regurgitation. Not what we wanted to hear.

What's next? We will be heading back to see these doctors in October for an echocardiogram and a look at the valve. We will know more about a plan of action at that point.

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