Friday, April 25

Pictures from this week

Finally mommy got her act together and took some pictures! Here are some random pictures from this week to enjoy:

Mommy, me and Liam at Promise. Mommy and daddy were both at work today, so we went to Promise and had LOTS of fun. But before mommy left for work.... the teachers said something about a mommy's day surprise so they took this SWEET picture of the three of us.

Here is the only picture mommy snapped of me at Children's this week. She wanted to get more pictures, but the appt just didn't go the way we wanted it to!

Hannah has the WONDERFUL opportunity to have a 4-H horse project. She was given a free older horse named Mac (huge blessing) and has taken great care of him. She will be showing him tomorrow at a horse show in Lynden. Go big sista!

Here is my younger brother asleep with the feed bag on! Hey, those were mashed potatoes and gravy.... come'on Liam, wake up!

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