Wednesday, April 16

Occupational therapy

So, mommy says that OT work is hard and I agree! Miss S came to our home to help me learn how to stand holding onto the couch or onto a toy. I liked it alot, but then I wanted to sit down. Usually mommy helps me plop down. But Miss S had other ideas that I didn't really agree with.... like having me stand without locking my knees, and then bending my knees to sit down instead of my usual plop. Finally, I got real tired of the whole thing and started batting her away with my hand. I saw mom snickering but she wasn't helping me at all! This was no fun at all.
Then mom drug those biker shorts out for me called Hip Helpers. I had to stand in them, crawl in 'em, and go from a sit to a crawl. Absolutely no fun and I let everyone know how I felt about it. Nope, not enjoying that one at all. Mommy doesn't look forward to that homework.
Liam decided to help me have fun with the puzzle that Miss S brought. Including a game called find the puzzle pieces (he hid them throughout the house).
Then Miss S let me color with really cool crayons for lil hands like mine... I liked coloring. Then mommy noticed Liam eating the crayons. Gee whiz lil' brother, this was MY therapy fun.
And last, drum roll please, we stacked blocks. I stacked two blocks! Usually I just bang them together and then throw them. But I could tell Miss S was really into stacking them. Yep, I stacked 'em with her. Pretty cool? Mommy was really excited. Gee whiz mom, this is MY therapy fun.

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