Sunday, April 27

The sequel

Liam and I have the same bug that we came back from Hawaii with. After 10 days on Augmentin (antibiotic), daddy took us to the pediatrician on Saturday because we started the same symptoms again. Mommy, Nate and Hannah were at a horse show.... so daddy was on his own. And can I tell you how FABULOUS my daddy is? He takes really good care of us. If only mommy would stop calling his cell phone and asking "how are things going?".

The dr said Liam has double ear infection (STILL) and I have the same upper respitory bug. Heavy sigh. Back on another 10 days of Augmentin. And back to **LOTS** of poopy diapers. Mommy is tired. See last night in the wee hours of the morning, daddy got sick. And he hasn't had any energy today. So mommy has been wiping butts, bleaching down bathrooms, running the washing machine (Dear Lord don't EVER let my washing machine breakdown), using the Lysol wipes everywhere, making chicken noodles and dumplings for those that want to eat.... and rocking to sleep those that don't want to eat.

This bug needs to leave our home..... now. So, no developmental therapy tomorrow, no feeding therapist, no OT.... Just lots of time at home to get better and rest. Please say a prayer for our health to return soon.

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