Sunday, August 24

Another reason to boycott

This was the poster hung outside of BC Surfshop in the mall. Unbelievable.
We had gone to the mall to buy a couple of "back to school" items for Hannah and Nate. Going into the this store, we saw this poster with the quote in the middle "Who broght the retard?".
We spoke with the staff in the shop (trying to educate them on not labeling people as "retard") who didn't seem to register what we were saying. We filed a complaint with mall management. Then went back to the store and requested that the poster, from an event back in MAY, be taken down.
It is unbelievable that this was posted in a public place like an indoor mall. We were offended, deeply saddened that most of the world apparently views developmentally delayed people in this light (trying to make fun of us), and disappointed that Bellis Fair mall would allow this to be posted for an entire three months. Grrrr.

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