Monday, August 11

Jump Starts!

I know that many of you who read this blog have children with special healthcare needs that might include orthotics. This posting will probably not be new information for you. But our experience at a local orthotic vendor- Cascade Dafo and getting Tommy fitted for orthotics was.... WONDERFUL.

The orthotics are called JumpStarts and fit inside of his regular shoes. Each child has different needs for orthotics, for Tommy these fit his needs.

When Tommy was fitted for them, there were plenty of toys, lots of space to roam around when bored and extremely nice folks to talk to. Liam wandered the halls and met many of the nice people there.

Tommy LOVES his new jumpstarts and is standing more often everyday. His crawling didn't change at all. It just gave him the stability he needed to stand.

Tommy says thanks for the 'jump start to walking'.

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