Wednesday, August 20

We made it to the fair

I made it to the fair. That's me in the stroller with Liam. It was hot, real hot.

We want to thank Michael, Robert and Grandma Sue for helping out with huge amounts of actual hours at the fair. When mommy couldn't be there to help Hannah and Nate.... they were there. And thanks to all of our family/friends that visited Hannah and Nate, each enjoyed sharing fair stories with everyone. Special thanks to the Weisenhorn's for use of their alpaca, the Blecha's for all their transporation help and both of our 4H clubs leaders (Joyce and Barb). 4H has helped Hannah and Nate learn so much!

We are very proud of Hannah and Nate after this year's fair. They both were responsible with their animals, kept track of their daily schedules, and they made new friends. I love my big sis and brother.

Hannah's horse Mac was there and he was trying to keep cool. Her 4H club had cool decorations
for their stalls, they chose the movie theme Zoro.

My big brother Nate brought his dairy goats to the fair. His 4H club chose the theme of Hollywood. Our goats didn't like being too warm.

I was cranky at the fair because it was hot and I still didn't feel good. But I did smile a few times.

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