Tuesday, August 12

Big sky country

We enjoyed another family reunion, this time for daddy's side of the family. Eight days in Montana were relaxing and fun. We missed not having Hannah and Nate with us this year, but they had fun on a separate vacation with most of their cousins.

Grandma Dorothy and all of us piled into the boat for a ride around the lake.

Uncle Bruce and I had fun together. I can sign the Itsy Bitsy spider song (over and over again).

Mommy and daddy said our car ride was a total of 1,500 miles roundtrip. They look remarkably good for being in the car with us for 12 hours each way.

We stopped for lunch along the Flathead river, it's fast moving and made loud sounds.

Sometimes we dined outside, sometimes inside the cabin... look at that elk hanging on the wall behind me. He looks hungry too!

We all looked very well rested by the end of our week in Montana.

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