Thursday, August 14

Scary night

Last night we called 911 for Tommy. At midnight, he was struggling to breath more than we have ever seen him. It scared us. It scared him.

By 12:20 we were at St. Joe's on oxygen and getting various treatments to help what they had identified. Croup. We had no idea croup could cause Tommy to struggle so much.

Croup is a spasm of the larynx that develops from a viral infection in children. The hoarse, barking cough and trouble breathing came on unexpectedly in the middle of the night. It was frightening to both Tommy and us as it appeared without warning. Not even a runny nose or sniffle the day before.

We were discharged from the ER at 6am with much stronger nebulizer treatments than we give normally give him. Plus he received medicines in his Gtube to help reduce the inflamation in his larynx and lungs.

We took our little champ in to see our regular pediatrician this afternoon and he is now on antibiotics (again!!) just to make sure there is nothing else going on. Me (as an overprotective momma) called Children's cardiology and left a message that I still think we need to bump up our echo scheduled in October. We will see what our dr there has to say.

Heavy sigh. During the day today Tommy looked great, played, ate wonderfully, etc. It's the strangest thing that croup comes on so fast.

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