Tuesday, November 18

Greetings from our in home medical ward

First thing, Tommy's lab results for his gtube site came back as staph. Yuck. So we added nystatin cream around the site three times a day. We elimated one of the antibiotics (because it wouldn't have worked for staph) and kept the cepha antibiotic. Plus, the dr called in a prescription for an oral antifungal (just to eliminate anything that might be growing) and the lovely prescription came in the form of two HUGE oral pills. What? A very tired daddy had picked them up from the pharmacy and didn't even look at the prescription. I laughed so hard when I saw it, okay, at what point do you think that a toddler with an infected GTUBE would be taking an oral medication (a huge one at that). We talked to the pharmacist who approved us to crush the pill (some you cannot do this) and put it in water and down his gtube. Whew! He is well medicated and lookin' great now.

But now mommy is sick. This is day three of strep throat for mommy. Gross. Yesterday I mustered the strength to drive to the dr and all she could say while looking in my throat was "horrible, sandi, just horrible". Tonight I will officially be non contagious. After 24 hours on antibiotics you aren't contagious anymore. I hope to feel better too. It hurts so bad. Blah! We canceled all therapies for the week. Need rest.

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