Sunday, November 30

Solutions - because I missed our "What works for us Wednsday"

I have been struggling with Tommy fitting into his small traveling highchair which we use for his tube feedings. His tummy is grown too big for the small chair tray. He needed a bigger feeding chair. We used the small chair in our living room for his 6am and 7pm feedings. Our family likes to start the day with cartoons and end the day with a movie. So our therapists had an idea of bolus feeding in his regular big highchair from our dinning room. So we wheeled it into the living room and velcro strapped a couple of bolus feed syringes (one to be used while the other is in the dishwasher). Perfection.
The other solution came from Braska Bear's mom and that was regarding care for his gtube opening. We now keep a split gauze with A&D ointment on it next to the opening. This is taped closed (but not taped to him) and soaks up all the gross stuff that gets goopey. Nice and neat.
Another feeding bag solution is to fill it for day with milk and set the dose for the amount of each feed. The pump shuts off after that dose, for Tommy it's 6 ounces. Then we just unhook and refridgerate the rest. The beautiful part of this is that the bag and connector is already primed. Sheer brilliance! This is great when you are on the road all day and can take just one bag and an icepack in a lil' cooler.
The last solution is something that we have actually enjoyed for a long time but are reposting here in case it helps another family. Our friend Shari once shared with us that we could refridgerate empty feeding bags for 24 hours rather than rinsing and repriming them every usage. This saves so much time. She is a wealth of amazing experience and knowledge.
Solutions to everyday gtube care are timesaving for us, but more importantly, they are caring support for Tommy. Creating a lifetime for each of our kids is our priority. Solutions help!

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