Monday, November 24

Need ideas for G-Tube help

Tommy is growing. Which is such a blessing. But, he is growing out of his 3-ring bath chair and his portable highchair that we do g-tube feedings in. Heavy sigh. His tummy, specifically his G tube is rubbing against both now. He cannot sit up very well in a slippery bathtub and really needs some type of assistance. And I can no longer hold him still on my lap for his 6 am and 7pm tummy feedings. He really needs a larger feeding chair.

So, any ideas from out there? Do you have a 30 pound baby like mine? How do you bathe your baby with a Gtube, especially those of you who also have Down syndrome. Do you use a chair in the tub or do they just sit and play in the tub without much assistance? I'm sure that soon enough he will be fine in the bathtub without much assistance, but right now he falls over and slips under the water sometimes. I wish they made a super large 3 ring bathtub chair, that would be perfect for Tommy! And how do you manage gtube feedings? Do you use a highchair? A bumbo? Tommy needs a chair of some sort that doesn't rub against his tubing.

Help me! Please. Last time I recruited help was for my poor aching back after toting Tommy all over the pumpkin patch sans carrier or stroller. And the solution was sheer brilliance. My friend Kati put me in touch with an Ergo Baby Carrier. Ahhhh. I LOVE IT. And so does Tommy. You can have your baby in front, or on your back, or even on your hip. It's wonderful. And it places his weight on my hips. And holds up to 40ish pounds of baby love. So, tell me your suggestions for a bath chair and a feeding chair for my sweet baby Tommy.

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