Tuesday, November 4

Liam's sedated Baer hearing test

Daddy and Liam are at Children's right now figuring out with the nursing staff 'if' Liam is healthy enough for the Baer testing and sedation. We will keep you posted! Mommy and I are still in Bellingham today, it's hard not to be with them. Please keep Liam in your prayers this morning for a safe test and conclusive results in regards to what levels he can hear.

**Update, 9:45 Daddy called and Liam is safely sedated and the test is being done. Praise God! Finally, we will be able to understand what little brother can hear and rule out hearing loss (or rule in).

According to daddy, the nurse listened to Liam's chest, wiped his nose and decided that there was no 'junk' that he could aspirate on while sedated.

He is asleep now, hooked up to an oxygen saturation reader and a blood pressure cuff. The nurse will stay with him throughout the BAER test.

The test should take 45 mins to 1 hour. The results are immediate.

Basically, the way daddy explained it, the dr sends tones through his ears and the probes that are attached to his head give readouts of when that sound reaches his brain.

Thank you for all the prayers! A little 28 pound boy who doesn't talk yet... is hearing your prayers.

**Update 12:30 Liam is awake, eating and drinking and smiling according to a very relieved daddy. The test results show that he has wonderful hearing levels, all within normal ranges. Which, surprises me, but I am so thankful. He can hear at all the appropriate ranges!

Thanks to everyone for thinking of Liam today. It means alot. We have speech therapy for Tommy at 3pm and am anxious to tell the therapist (who also sees Liam) the results.

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