Wednesday, November 12

What works for us Wednesday

I had so many ideas for today's "What works for us" but I finally decided to write about something that happens daily for us and that is good childcare. It continues to be a place that tugs my heart, I really want to be the one that cares for our four kids. But, on the days that both Colin and I work, we have been blessed by the most incredible and fantastic childcare, Promise. They know how to care for the boys more than any of our family members. They love our boys and are amazing in their thoughtfulness and communication. Here is a note from this last week for Tommy:

"Tommy had a wonderful week at Promise. He is getting more adventurous with his movement and is trying very hard everyday to take steps. We are still working with him to make his core stronger as well as making sure he has toys available that he can lean on and push around the room. Our Fall Festival went great. Thanks for the cookie donation they were delicious. Both of your boys got to help Miss Sherri make homemade applesauce which we ate for lunch the very same day! As you have noticed we have been spending less and less time outside which means that we are working twice as hard to keep the kids entertained. Be prepared for more art projects and cleaner clothes!"

Thanks to all of our great teachers at Promise! You are what works for us. We love you guys.

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