Sunday, November 23

Much better

Tommy is feeling much better. His gtube area looks normal again. And this afternoon he took four steps unassisted and then pivoted on his left leg doing a 180 degree turn. Look out! He might be walking before '09.

I'm feeling better too. My sore throat from strep is gone. I almost have my energy level back.

I'm really excited to meniton that I participated, with many other people, in a Community Meeting last Friday. We discussed the need to design improvements to services for kids with special healthcare needs/developmental concerns. Over 100 people attended. The most flipcharts I have ever seen in one room. Once a summary of the meeting is ready, I'll place a link to it here. It sounds like there will be more conversations where these leaders hope to involve more families.

And lastly, the twins turn two years old on December 12th and do you think I have anything planned? Nope. Need to make some fun plans for that celebration.

Take care everybody and have a good week.

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