Wednesday, June 3

2nd set of ear tubes and clogged tear duct procedure

Today started when I still had my eyes closed! It was four in the morning and mommy snuck in six ounces of water in my gtube. 'Cause at 4:30am I couldn't have anymore clear liquids and she said she wanted my veins to be plump for the anesthesiologist.

Grandma and mommy drove me to Children's Hospital for a 7:15 check in and an 8:30 procedure. Mommy snuck in a blood draw from my pediatrician while I'm knocked out. See I've been anemic since before February and no matter what mommy and daddy feed me the Hgb levels ain't budging.
Mommy brought the dvd machine to watch lil' nemo and keep me entertained while waiting for the doctors. It worked great! Grandma and mommy are done watching that movie for a LONG time. They just don't appreciate it like I do.

There was a bunch of different teams that met with us. Opthomology had a whole bunch of folks. And then Otolyrengology had a bunch of folks. And then anesthesia had three people that came in and met us. And when that was all done I got a little something in my gtube to take the 'edge off my emotions' mommy said.... I think she and gma needed it more than I did. And I gladly went back with the anesthesiologist in his warm blanky.

The whole procedure took a tad over one hour. But when mommy was waiting for me she saw a doctor jogging by with me in his arms! She started chasing after me down the recovery center hallway and the doctor who thought I was to go to a different zone ....and was jogging a little with me cause I had a bad bleeder in my nose. She finally convinced the nice guy that I was hers!
When I was trying to wake up my throat felt horrible! It still had iodinish stuff in it and my lips were all dried. Plus my nose was bleeding. My ears had dark stuff oozing out of them just a tad. Plus that darn IV was still in my hand. I told mommy again and again I wanted that thing out first, then I wanted to eat! The nurse and grandma helped me out a bunch and I was much happier. Happy enough to watch lil' nemo again!
Each of the doctors came by or phoned and told us how successful the procedures had gone. The blood was drawn first. So those result will be back soon. Next the ear guys placed the tubes and found LOTS of dark fluid behind my ear drum again. Plus my canals had tons of wax and dead skin stuffs. Blah! The ear guy also said that numerous infections probably caused that... and we were in his clinic back in March and they were clear then! Next, the eye dr did his magic of un cloggin' my tear ducs. Which made my nose really bloody. But he said I was an "easy downs kid" (mom didn't correct the non people first language). My anatomy was perfect for the tear duc procedure and yep, he found they were all clogged up. He was nice enough to put little drains in too that will come out in 4-6 months. So all went well and this was very timely.
We finished the afternoon with naps at grandmas before mom continued the drive back to Ferndale. Whew! Long day, I'm tuckered and off to bed. Smooches to all of you!

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