Sunday, June 21

Catching up

The laundry room had seen enough this past week. It was the last week of school, the first week of Tommy's illness and just a general tired mommy and thus a mess!

Before and after shots only to prove to myself that I cannot let it get this bad again.

Today we enjoyed a Father's Day celebration at church. The whole congregation had breakfast together! Tommy didn't want to drink from his sippy bear, but sly mommy placed it on his tray to 'break down' his unwillingness.

Daddy enjoyed getting a card from the twins.

And after church we had fun playing on the outdoor play structure. Tommy even went down the BIG slide. Mommy can remember it was just last year that the boys were way too small to enjoy this playground. Now they are almost big enough!
Tommy was very uncomfortable during service, so mommy just held him close and he slept thru alot of it. But this is day four of the antibiotic and the active'ness' is very good for getting over pneumonia. So is the fresh air. Mend quickly Tommy!

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