Saturday, June 6

Country life

We have been enjoying caring for our neighbors farm this weekend. Milking goats and all.

Hannah loves their youngest animal a cute little duck!

Back on our farm. Liam has been helpful keeping the twine OFF our garden row markers. Tangling up twine, ripping it off the markers and in general just walking through it to the point of tripping.

Little sprouts are starting appear though, shallots, potatos, radishes, lettuce and corn.

When the boys aren't helping us, they usually have trucks in their hands.

Nate and Liam LOVE the new crayola 3-D chalk art.

Sometimes entertainment comes cheap in the country. Like riding a scooter and making goofy faces at your mom.

Nate loves his scooter.
Life in the country has been fun. Eight years now on our little farm and we still love it.

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