Thursday, June 18


Tommy has struggled this week starting on Monday with what we thought was teething. Then Tuesday a cough started and more fussiness. Last night a fever started. I was convinced it was something between teething and a virus. But when Promise called to say he was really 'out of it' (huge thanks to their amazing staff), I took him into the doctor and requested an xray on the way there. Grabbed the xray requisition when we got to the doctor's office and then met with our doctor within the hour. Oh how I love our doctor.

Tommy was miserable. Clammy, fussy, snuggly, just not himself. And sure enough the xray showed the same right middle lobe yuk that we struggle with from time to time is there in force. Pneumonia. Either he aspirated or it was junky from some virus. Pneumonia. Oh how Tommy and I both hate that word.

He is on Cefuroxime suspension (antibiotic), which is the Ceftin that he has been on before and was successful. We will do nebulizer treatments around the clock and clapping on his back. We will have faith that we are going to mend at home over the next few days and not get admitted. We are to call in and talk to the nurses tomorrow morning about how our night went. Note to self, remember to get probiotics tomorrow.

Get better Tommy! It's the summertime and you will have so much more fun outside :)

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