Thursday, June 25

Back in the hospital

Monday evening Tommy stopped breathing. I rushed him to the ER where he again stopped breathing, turned completely blue and limp in my arms, eyes rolled back in his head. I thought he had died.

It turns out that the pneumonia which he had been diagnosed and treated for since the following Thursday got much, much worse. Probably due to another aspiration. His happy go lucky nature and constant walking and running masked how bad his lungs had gotten.

His oxygen sat's were as low as 50.

With immediate attention from ER staff they were able to get his breathing back to somewhat normal and we were admitted.

Since then each day has been relatively the same, constant oxygen of some level (as high as 3 liters and as low as a half). Two different antibiotics to treat each end of the spectrum of bacteria. And chest xray that shows how fully involved both lungs are. He is slowly but surely improving.

Please keep Tommy in your prayers, thoughts or mediations that his body begins to turn around and mend. We need our sweet boy back to healthy and enjoying the summer.

Once Tommy is healthy and a few weeks to show for that, we will be meeting with a pulmonary team at Children's to further discuss his lungs. And wether the moderate mitral valve leak is hindering the pressures now.

More to follow over the next few days.

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