Sunday, July 26

Catching up

Most importantly, the sweat chloride test for Cystic Fibrosis came back negative. Whew! Tommy and all of us are EXTREMELY happy.

The blood work for Leukemia and other things is still be analyzed. Two different local doctor offices are involved in reviewing that and they are still putting their brains together. I don't believe this means cancer, I think the current conversations between them involve Tommy's chronic anemia and other abnormalities that the labs indicated. Prayers for the doctors to reach a conclusion this next week on our next step and improvements to Tommy's care.
Now, on to family life. Hannah is at horse camp this weekend thru Wednesday. This is sponsored by her 4-H leader and involves all the girls in her club and their horses. They ride daily, put their fair stall decorations together, wash their horses, and in general learn more about horsemanship. We are so fortunate to find a club that is education based. She competed in a show yesterday at the fairgrounds (I'll post more later about that one) and was pleased with her skills and very pleased with how her horse Babe did.
Nate at age 14 completed the Seattle-to-Portland bike ride IN ONE DAY with his dad (200+ miles in very hot temperatures). Oh my! I cannot express how proud I am of his ability to stick with it. He also finished the Seattle Century (100 miles in high 80 degrees) yesterday and really enjoyed the all you can eat pie at Remlinger farms. Through my wonderful sister Debbie, Nate participated in a golf camp last week at Lake Padden which involved learning how to hold a golf club, video tape of your swing and lots of practice! He LOVED learning golf. He is now focusing on preparing for fair and will have lots of stuff entered.
Liam has been busy with a new marble track that I found at consignment for three bucks. He continues with speech therapy and has been making progress. He really likes being outside just like his older sister and brother. His hair is faded to blond now and he has better tan lines than I do.
One of my new tricks is dinner with french dip sandwiches (which Nate Colin and I love). But finding a way for Liam's little hands to dip a sandwich was hard. So I placed a slice of roast beef and cheese on a hot dog bun! Just perfect for him. He has a half of the hotdog bun (Tommy eats the other half) and dips in his 'gravy'. It's the small inventions that make my life easy :)
As for me? I have spent four weeks WITHOUT A CELL PHONE! Mine went thru the washing machine and the timing couldn't have been worse with Tommy's illnesses and my teenagers activities and needing to contact me. Now I realize the cell phone didn't go thru the wash by itself. And since I do all of our laundry I'm the culprit. And yes, this is the second phone to meet with the same fate. But gee whiz I need a break with all that's on my mind :) So, if you have left me a message, I finally recently got it. But I lost my phone numbers. Please email me your number.
Colin is busy preparing for our annual trek to Montana. We vacation there for 10 days each summer at his families summer home which is on Lake Bitterroot in the Bitterroot mountain range. To say that the lake and surrounding hills are beautiful is an understatement. When we are there we like to waterski, find huckleberries, fish, walk and just plain sit until our minds are free of all clutter. The preparations for going are slightly immense though, and we leave on Thursday.

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