Thursday, July 30

Antibiotics again

Tommy has a sinus infection and his eyes are still 'gunky' post tear duct surgery. Our pediatrician seems to think the same antibiotic he was on June 18th will do the trick for this yukky stuff. Along with antibiotic eye drops. 10 days and lots of lovin' should clear it up. We had all six of us at the dr's office which rarely happens but I appreciated all the help :)

The doctor wanted an xray of Tommy's lungs since they are healthy now and my daughter Hannah was a doll and volunteered to go into the tortune chamber, I mean xray room, with him. They LOVE each other alot so I wasn't worried about Tommy being scared, but I just can't take that chest xray anymore. He has to sit on a little bike seat and then the plexiglass wraps around him and forces his arms straight into the air. The two nice nurses who really liked Tommy helped alot, and with Hannah's love and comfort..... Tommy got his xray taken. And now for the first time in two years we have a picture of what Tommy's lungs look like when he feels healthy. Which will be a great baseline for his next illness.

I hope to post pictures tomorrow of some of our outings lately. Things have been good with our family despite this little illness.

Tommy Adventures