Wednesday, July 8

What works for us Wednesday

What works for us lately is LISTS. Yes, the dreaded word of organization. And the list for the next few weeks prior to our annual vacation to Montana is:
  • Children's Hospital appts for: Pulmonary dept, thymus study, ENT tube placement follow up
  • WWU: Hearing tests for Liam and Tommy (these happen every 6 months, due to ongoing hearing issues)
  • 4H record book edits: Hannah and Nate have their due date of 7/17 to get record books to the fair (our local fair starts on 8/17 and in order to qualify for fair you need a project record book)
  • FRC 6 month evaluation for Liam and Tommy
  • OT and SLP appts (at home and at Connections)
  • Schedule Hannah to see doctor
  • Hannah to horse camp for three days
  • Order Nate's tshirts for barn duty at the fair
  • Home healthcare supplier: order more gtube connectors and bolus feed tubes, check on portable oxygen saturation monitor options
  • Xray for Tommy to hopefully show pneumonia is totally gone
  • B'ham Allergy and Immunology for testing of the presence of pneumonia antibody+
  • Pack travel trailer for 9 day vacation
  • Get last two vaccinations for Tommy's 2 yr old well check up (yes I realize he is over 2 1/2 yrs old now)
  • Return call to primary insurance company nurse (she is following up on 6 day hospital stay for Tommy)
  • Schedule dentist appts for Tommy/Liam
  • Date night scheduled at least twice before end of month because I miss my hubby! Get a babysitter....
  • Give the thank-u note to my sister Debbie for all her help at the hospital (just found it in my purse)

A couple of these were done yesterday or today, whew! Much thanks to a great family, team of supporters and a loving husband to help get much of this done. Lists get me through the day!

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